E.L.E. - Essential Life Enzymes

Nothing happens in the human body without enzymes. They are the catalysts. We are born with only a finite amount of enzymes and when that “bank” of enzymes is exhausted, the body dies within seventy two hours.

One sign of a deficiency of metabolic or proteolytic enzymes is high blood pressure. Its primary cause is plaque in the arteries. The secondary cause of high blood pressure is plaque in the kidneys. Scientists have found the efficient way to dissolve this is with serrapeptase. Plaque can also be found in the brain vis a vis Alzheimer’s and in the colon–overweight.

Scientists have found that by giving back to the body proteolytic enzymes they can eliminate wrinkles in young women and cause wrinkles to fade in older women.

One, two, or three capsules can be taken with a cool liquid, on an empty stomach, one, two, or three times a day.