The Most Sophisticated Cellular Energy and Weight Loss Drink    RAANOW - Reverse Accelerated Aging NOW

Advances by scientists and advanced medical teaching institutions are being proven so rapidly that even practicing physicians, much less us laypeople, cannot keep up with them.

However, if we can understand the following basic analogies, stripped of hackneyed latin and coined tongue twisters, things seem much simpler.

People with high pH (oxygen), high GH, and high ascorbate live longer, stronger, slimmer, healthier lives. Learning these basics and age reversal will become obvious to you.

When we are young, our cells are full of oxygen and we are full of energy. That’s how we are created. We are healthy. One obvious benefit of this is that cancer cannot exist in high oxygen environs. The longer we live, breathe, eat, drink, and touch things that make us acidic, the lower our oxygen levels become and the faster we age. These villains are called free radicals. You’ll soon learn the most advanced way to neutralize them.

When we are young our bodies have a low ratio of insulin to growth hormone (GH). Insulin causes the body to store sugar and simple carbohydrates as fat. GH stimulates fat burning. As we age we accumulate more and more sugars and carbohydrates, and the hypothymus causes the release of less and less GH. We get fat! If we will take a moment to consider the relationship between weight losses, blood sugar (insulin), muscle tone, and sexual performance, life can become much simpler and last a great deal longer.

Think of the body as containing a vast highway system of glue, called collagen, which holds it all together. This system requires daily repair, which is dependent on a huge amount of mineral ascorbate for that repair. Furthermore, all diseases must travel this highway to spread in the body. However, these highways can now be coated with an analogous Teflon-like, shield which blocks the spread of all diseases in the body.

If you can understand these over-simplified principles, you will be able to grasp what leading scientists and medical schools are now teaching.

How and when one takes RAANOW dictates whether the resulting benefits are maximum rather than minimal. Remember that GH/Insulin factors are one of the basics for human health and longevity. This is the third time in the intrepid trident of optimum energy and age reversal.

You already know from the links and information provided that this is not a test or a trial. The components work for all human bodies and as such the benefits are now being taught to medical students for use in their future practices.

The bulk of attention to the “miracle molecule”, L-Arginine, has been directed at its benefits in fat loss, muscle and sex gains, and bone and skin repair. However, in light of proofs to which you are already privy, remember that heart disease is the world’s number one killer. A myocardial infarction, heart attack, is a blood clot blocking nutrients and oxygen to that omnipotent muscle. L-Arginine is an anticoagulant that prevents such indiscriminate clotting. It also is an anti-inflammatory and it relaxes long strand muscles, which in layman’s terms means it reduces high blood pressure. Unlike prescription drugs or aspirin, it does not prevent clotting at a point of trauma, like a finger cut. It does not damage internal tissue or cause bleeding in the stomach or lining of arteries, which causes plaque build-up. The only possible drawback could be to those with herpes virus, but none of us in our right minds does not take MoRE with L-Lysine and ascorbates, because that has been proven to block herpes and the spread of all diseases in the human body, including cancer, and specifically breast cancer.