Every minute, every second of every day, the human body is constantly repairing itself. That’s how the Creator made it.

There are certain substances the body needs for this continuous rebuilding. They are Molecular Repair Essentials (MoRE). 

When we don’t have enough of these, the body gives us signs. The signs may come as poor nails, bad hair, wrinkled skin, allergies, overweight, and, later, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 

These shorten lives.

This may come about because soil is so depleted it doesn’t provide food containing what our bodies need. We over-cook our meals, killing the enzymes that convert food into molecular structures that can be transported into the cells for essential repair, e.g., the enzyme protease is required to digest a burger, but lipase is also needed. There is very little isolation in nature. (The prime law of degeneration exemplifies this: “Scientifically, if it can cause fat gain, it will cause cancer; if it can cause cancer, it can cause diabetes; it can cause heart disease.”)

Essentials are synergistic (i.e., the whole exceeds the sum of the parts upon which it relies). The body is held together by a vast matrix of collagen. Prominent concentrations include tendons, ligaments, discs, skin, artery walls, eye, and lungs. Massive amounts of ascorbate are required for maintenance of this matrix, a scientific minimum of 3 grams daily. Scientists have found the mineral form, which the body originally made itself, to be the most logical. This form also provides essential electrolytes, and is the foundation for the immune system.

The ascorbates, together with the aminos L-lysine and L-proline, form defense against heart disease in cleansing of debris from artery walls and seal cells against the spread of all pathogens, from the HIV virus, to colds and flu viruses, to herpes, cold sores, and shingles. When the EGCG catechens from green tea and citric acid (krebs cycle) are added, they help form the primary enhancers of transport of oxygen from the lungs to the cells. This promotes energy, fat loss, and cancer apoptosis. Add a little silica, and the body potentiates rebuilding of bones, skin, hair and nails with the ascorbate.

Pyridoxal (vitamin B-6) enhances many essentials. It is necessary to more than 100 of the body’s enzyme systems, has a 90% success rate with carpal tunnel syndrome over the past 40 years, reduces Parkinson’s risk by 50%, and with magnesium, targets ADHD. Add chromium to ascorbates and scientists further address diabetes and neuropathy, diseases that suck minerals from the body.
Essential to making these co-factors in a usable form by the body are enzymes. When we exhaust them, the first signs are heartburn, gas, bloating, obesity, ultimately death. They are amylase, lipase, and protease.

Go the extra mile and provide essential parent oils, and easy scientific fat-loss is triggered, which co-incidentally promotes transferring sufficient oxygen into cells to scientifically make cancer impossible.

If we can help every person learn and experience the benefits of providing the body with the essentials it has needed since creation, we can painlessly eliminate everything from colds thru obesity and cancer.


Health depends on enzymes.

Cooking food destroys enzymes. This eliminates what is called the pre-digestive stage because this dead food just lays in the stomach for an hour. Then acid enters to neutralize pre-digestion, which didn’t take place, so the stomach acid is excess. Now, in the small intestine, the body has to borrow excessively from the pancreas enzymes for the finishing digestive stage, but the food wasn’t pre-digested, so it doesn’t fully digest. Partially digested food enters the blood stream and the body’s immune system treats it as an invader and attacks it. The result is inflammation and subsequent pain, among other signs — one being that this flawed process robs energy from the entire body on a daily basis and shortens our lives. Undigested components become toxins and migrate into many areas and tissues.

Insider doctors and scientists recommend that we add supplemental enzymes to every cooked meal and that enzymes also be taken between meals when they can address past sins and clear out infecting organism such as viruses, scar tissue, and products of inflammation — even multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Prime digestive enzymes are protease, amylase and lipase.